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Keeps water from leaking into the roof deck


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Fascia, or fascia boards, are long straight boards that are found at the lower edge of the roof and is fixed directly to roof trusses. It works to support the last row of tiles or other roofing material as well as supporting the guttering.

Fascia are generally constructed of four materials: wood, vinyl (PVC), UPVC and aluminum

The fascia is the final row of support for the lowest part of the roof shingles or tiles. Aside from that fascia serves the following purposes:

  • Anchors gutters in place
  • Keeps water from leaking into the roof deck and getting into the internal system;
  • Enhances curbside appeal by covering the rough ends of the rafters;
  • Stops unwanted access to squirrels, birds, and other destructive insects that could get into the attic.

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