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AFESA Construction, is a family-owned home restoration and repair business, based in Chicago, IL with more than 9 years of experience in the market. We specialize in the installation of sidings, gutters, fascias and soffits.
AFESA is a business that survives solely on positive referrals and happy customers. Our goal is to not only provide our customers with the best/personalize customer service but to provide them with the best quality materials and that’s why we work with the best suppliers in the market.

Why we are the best company?

Our work is clean, neat and outstanding. We work with the best suppliers in the market, for extraordinary results.



Communication is a top priority

Leadership is involved and engaged




A soffit is an exterior or interior architectural feature, generally the horizontal, aloft underside of any construction element.


Fascia, or fascia boards, are long straight boards that are found at the lower edge of the roof and is fixed directly to roof trusses.


The primary purpose of your home’s siding is to protect the home, along with foundation and contents within it.


Gutters on a house are to protect it from rainwater. Gutters work by diverting water away from your home and its foundation.

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